Lights! Camera! Fundraising!

Be part of the RTV6 Telethon—and your school could be on TV!

If your school, team, club, or group is looking for a way to give back and get involved in helping the kids at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, there’s never been a better time. Because RTV6 is hosting a day-long telethon for us on Wednesday, April 2—and we’d love for you to be part of it. Here’s how:

Step 1:

Choose Your Fundraiser. Take a look at the fundraiser ideas we’ve listed here—one may be perfect for you!—and be sure you check out the FREE Team Peyton gear to help you make your event a big success. Or come up with a fundraising idea of your own. When it comes to ideas for helping kids, the sky’s the limit.

Step 2:

Host your fundraiser. Get going on your fundraising event or campaign! To qualify for inclusion in our telethon, your fundraiser must be complete by Monday, March 31.

Step 3:

Let us know! Submit this form by Monday, March 31 to be eligible for recognition on our April 2 telethon. Be sure to fill in the field showing the amount your organization raised.

Step 4:

Make your donation count! Send a check for your funds, along with the name of your organization and contact information, to:

St.Vincent Foundation
Attn: Sara Bailey
8402 Harcourt Rd, Suite 210
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Not sure about doing an event, but want to support your organization—and the kids at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital directly? It’s easy to give online.

So get busy! And be sure to watch our telethon Wednesday, April 2 on RTV6. We hope we’ll see you there!